11th April 2014
To whom it may concern

Dear Sir or Madam,

I approached ISG Sugarcane Supplier because my previous sugarcane supplier couldn’t maintain the working condition of their juice extractor. It break down from time and time, and it gave me a lot of unwanted problems. Profits was lost as a result and so I decided to switch supplier. I found ISG Sugarcane Supplier through their website. The result was fantastic.

One thing I liked was their juice extractor. The speed of the juice extractor is fast enough (efficient) to handle the demand of my customer during peak hour. I have been selling sugarcane for almost 10 years and to my experiences I had in this industry, I would say they have the Best Juice Extractor in the market. Their juice extractor is very quiet and it’s very easy to maintain. I found the partnership experience with ISG sugarcane to be very pleasant. They even give me constructive advice of how to manage my business. My profit has since went up after I francized their brand “"嘛坡甘蔗王“.

I would recommend ISG Sugarcane Supplier to people who want to start their own business selling sugarcane. ISG Sugarcane Supplier provide the best Juice extractor available in the market and their sugarcane is one of the freshest source I have known during my year of selling sugarcane,

Mr Goh
Maxwell Food Centre